Mass Effect: Conviction is free

As a part of the Dark Horse Comics Digital Retailer Exclusive promotion, Mass Effect: Conviction is a 10-page digital prequel mini-comic that helps bridge the story from Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC to Mass Effect 3. Written by Mac Walters, it offers you a glimpse of Mass Effect 3 character James Vega. He seems to need to take an anger management class, but nevertheless, is a badass when he gets himself into a sticky situation. You can either get your redemption code for a personal copy from Dark Horse Digital by visiting your local participating comic book shop or navigating after the break for a collection of all the page images.

Click to load all the images on one page for easy reading.

Credit goes to IndigoWolfe for first posting these on the BioWare forums and Deviant Art. Then Reddit user LordofthePies got some delicious karma for reposting them all in an easier-to-read single page on Imgur.

  • TAT

    There’s a four armed alien, I haven’t seen that species before.

  • polo88