GOG’s Weekend Sale Includes 3 Bioware Classics. Every Hamster Has His Day!

To celebrate its 3rd birthday, classic games retailer Good Old Games is having a weekend promotional bundle for all D&D games in its catalog - including the Baldur's Gate games and Neverwinter Nights Platinum. You can get as many as you'd like from the bundle, and each game will increase your savings further. Details after the break.

All 9 games in Good Old Games' catalog that take place in the D&D worlds are included in this bundle. While you can pick and choose which ones you want, buying all 9 will run you a cool $34.31 - that's 60% off a $95 package.

GOG is also using this promo to test a scaling discount system. Essentially, though the discount starts at 20% for one game, each additional title you pick will increase the discount by 5% for each game. For instance, buying just Baldur's Gate will net you 20% off that game, and adding Baldur's Gate 2 will increase your savings to 25% off each.

Furthermore, any games in the bundle that you've already purchased will count towards increasing you discount. So, since I already bought Neverwinter Nights, for example, I start with 25% and go up from there.

We friggin' love GOG, and if you want a digital version of your old favorites, they should be the first place you check. The team re-engineers these classics to work on modern Windows systems, remove any DRM that came with the original titles, and includes a smorgasbord of free extras with each purchase - including manuals, HD wallpapers, and soundtracks.

If you're looking at only a few titles here, then you may be better served waiting until the holiday sale. However, with up to 60% off each of these titles by buying the bundle, you may get more savings by hopping on board if you want more than just a few.