FemShep graces the cover of Atomic magazine (Issue 129, October 2011)

Australian pc enthusiast magazine Atomic, is the first magazine to have Mass Effect 3's new iconic femShep gracing the cover. She appears in the October 2011 issue (#129), and the cover seems to promise an "exclusive preview and interviews on the game that's changing the shape or RPGs!" That's Mass Effect 3, of course.

If you're in Australia, you can buy a copy of this issue for $8.95 (we're assuming AUD, though it doesn't say so on the cover). Judging by the description of the Mass Effect 3 article, it seems that new game information reveals will be unlikely. From how it is hyped up, it looks more like an analytic features piece about the state of RPG's and how BioWare games have evolved the genre... Not necessarily a bad thing, but as a result, scans surfacing are less likely. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Thanks to femshep_com for pointing out its existence on twitter!