Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder

Upon noticing the addition of one's character skill trees to the mobile Dragon Age: Legends site (yes, it has been a while since I've loaded up DAL), I felt inspired to take those skill icons and create a web-based skill calculator with them. This Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder is still in an early, but very functional state. I've written a brief introduction to the key features after the break.

Although this particular tree has been updated since the screenshot was created, all the important points are outlined below:

This skill calculator utilizes both left and right click - left to to invest skill points, and right to divest skill points. Each skill can be upgraded up to 10 times, but keep in mind that you only get one skill point per level after the first level, and the current level cap is 40 (or 50). As an added convenience, I wrote in a feature that allows you to directly type in the skill level you want so that you don't have to click 10 times to upgrade a skill 10 times, and so forth.

And of course, what would a talent/skill calculator be without the ability to save your build as a sharable / bookmarkable URL? Well, you can do that too.

The DA:L Skill Builder was developed primarily in Google Chrome, but has been tested for compatibility in Firefox 5/6, Safari 5, and Internet Explorer 8 (would probably work better in Internet Explorer 9). Make sure you enable javascript on the calculator page if you use any script blockers.

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    The latest Dragon Age: Legends patch (0.4.17577) on Sept 1, 2011 does not include any skill related changes, so the calculator remains up to date for now. Patch Notes: http://dragonagelegends.com/blog/2011/8/31/release-notes-0417577.html