Watch Jedi Be Total Dicks in the Latest Developer Walkthrough

The Bioware Austin guys released another developer walkthrough video for The Old Republic yesterday. In this, they show a bit more of a low-level Republic flashpoint that was displayed a while ago, in which your party is tasked with holding off an Imperial boarding team onboard a Republic starship. Check out the video after the break.

Not a whole lot new is being shown in this walkthrough. The multiplayer conversation mechanic is on display again - in which each party member makes a conversation choice, then a random number is rolled for each player, which decides how the conversation turns.

Some abilities are also showcased throughout the video - including sustained modes for the Jedi Knight and the Trooper, and the Portable Cover for the Smuggler. And by only showing a piece of the flashpoint in a 13-minute video, it becomes clear that these instances can be quite lengthy.

Of course, the real highlight of this video is when the party gains access to the bridge by venting the entire engineering crew into space than go through the inconvenience of finding switches to press throughout the deck. Really puts a new spin on the term Space Asshole.

(If the embed doesn't work you can check out the news post here.)

It should be noted that the TOR team has previously confirmed that Light Side/Dark Side points will be determined based on the choice you make, not the choice that wins out based on the roll mechanic.