Mass Effect Collectors Edition Tin

A recent tweet by BioWare marketing guy David Silverman answered a fan question about whether the Mass Effect 3 collectors edition tin resembles the one from Mass Effect 1 or 2. Do you know what the old collector tins looked like? I didn't, so I did a little digging. The result is after the break.

A tweet by Devon Michaels directed to David Silverman asked:

Will the #ME3 collector's edition come in a steel book like ME2 or a tin like ME1?

David's response was:

I'm not sure we locked the specific tin vendor yet, but the current plan is to make the form factor similar to #ME2 CE.

So what were they talking about? The tin box that comes with the collectors edition of Mass Effect 3 is rendered in the promotional art for the preorder package without giving you an idea of what sort of dimensions to expect:

Mass Effect 1 sported a collectors tin box with considerable depth to hold the entire contents of the collector's edition:

Mass Effect 2 slimlined its collectors tin box, turning it into a fancy DVD case for the game discs, and packing the other collectibles in a paper sleeve. This allows you to easily slip the "tin box" into your existing game dvd collection:

It sounds like we will be getting another slimline case for Mass Effect 3. What kind of casing do you prefer? An actual box to hold all your collectible contents, or a sleek DVD case that doesn't take up as much real estate and looks right at home with the rest of your dvd collection?