Introducing Dragon Age Legends on Google+ and BioWare San Francisco

You might have spotted a familiar name with an unfamiliar icon among the lineup of launch titles for Google+ browser games. Dragon Age Legends is now enjoying the spotlight alongside esteemed titles like Angry Birds as one of the up-and-coming social network's first game offerings. Although it will be updated concurrently with its Facebook incarnation, Google+'s Dragon Age Legends will be a separate entity, requiring you to create a new hero, and populate another friends list and guild. Having the opportunity to create a second character can be a good thing, since the game only allows you to have one character at a time.

Despite the media flurry about the launch, the games have not yet been rolled out to all existing Google+ users. But you'll know you get access to it when you see a colorfully spoked wheel added to your Stream filters menu at the top of your Google+ page.

Let's just hope that the generic looking game icon was just an art mixup. It took me a moment to identify Dragon Age Legends on the lineup due to the uncharacteristic coloring which fades into the background, compared to more eye-popping visuals like the Dragons of Atlantis icon. DAL's characteristic red, black and orange would've resulted in a much stronger page presence.

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka recently blogged about the launch of Dragon Age Legends, also mentioning that EA2D - the entity responsible for developing Dragon Age Legends - has now been rolled into the BioWare label, rebranding them as BioWare San Francisco. As mentioned before, the entity formerly known as EA2D is still hiring.

Google+ is still in "limited field testing" (also known as closed beta), requiring an invitation to create an account. As existing users, we have plenty of those available if you need one to sign up for Dragon Age Legends. Just send an email to with the email address for which you want an invitation to request one.

Official FAQ

Q: Are there any differences in content between the Google+ and Facebook versions of Dragon Age Legends?

A: No. The content of each version of the game is identical, and game updates will launch simultaneously.

Q: Can I import my Dragon Age Legends hero from Facebook to Google+?

A: No. The Facebook and Google+ versions of Dragon Age Legends are completely independent of each other. If you’ve already played the game on Facebook, you’re able to create a brand-new hero on Google+. Try playing as another class for a very different DAL experience!

Q: Can I summon my Facebook friends into battle using Google+ and vice versa?

A: No. If you’re playing Dragon Age Legends on both social networks, you will have two separate friends lists.

Q: Can I share crowns between Google+ and Facebook?

A: No. You maintain a separate crown balance for each social network.

Q: How do I purchase crowns on Google+?

A: Google+ uses Google Checkout, a service included with your Google account. Google Checkout accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Note: PayPal cannot be used with Google+.

Q: If I’ve already unlocked the Dragon Age 2 items on Facebook, do I have to unlock them again on Google+?

A: No. Both games are tied to your EA account, so once you unlock the Dragon Age 2 items on either network, you do not need to unlock them again.

Q: Do in-game redeem promo packs work on Google+ — like the Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2 gear — even if I’ve already redeemed them on Facebook?

A: Yes. Any of the promo packs you can earn in Dragon Age Legends on Facebook can be redeemed on Google+ — even if you’ve already redeemed them on one social network. That means, for example, you’ll be able to wear the Mass Effect armor on both Facebook and Google+.

The only exceptions are items earned by playing Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01, which currently can only be redeemed on Facebook.

  • Razorfish

    Aha, finally got access to Google+ games this afternoon and despite disliking the DAL icon, I think the splash image is rather nice.

  • Razorfish

    There are hundreds of Google+ invites available by using these links posted at the BioWare Social Network: