GamesCom 2011: Day 3

Play catch up with us as we collect the plethora of Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age, and SWTOR happenings on the first day after the press-only GamesCom days ended right here. Videos and notes about the BioWare TV events, TotalBiscuit's "WTF is SWTOR?," a contest, and more after the break.

BioWare Breakfast: August 18, 2011

This is where David Silverman mentions what happened the previous day and announces the BioWare TV schedule for the day. Today's schedule is:

As you can see, all of those shows have already happened. Recaps are being fleshed out below!

Dragon Age Developer Interview

David Silverman, VP of Marketing and Owner of Awesome N7 Mug, sits down with Fernando Melo, Senior Producer on the Dragon Age team, to discuss the Legacy DLC and some of the future of the franchise.

The two discuss the feedback from Legacy, and drops hints on where the team would like to go with future content for Hawke's story. Namely, next Tuesday will see the release of a new set of item packs for Hawke, and there will likely be a DLC announced within the next few weeks.

The video is worth watching just to see a marketing guy curse live, and David and Fernando having an in-depth discussion about dwarf sex.

Razer shows off its SWTOR shwag

David Silverman talks with Razer Marketing Specialist Alvin Chua about Razer's upcoming peripheral line for The Old Republic. The big piece is a keyboard with lots of LED lights and a completely customizable LED screen, and the ability to type in Imperial. He also shows off a skinned Naga mouse and a very fancy mousepad.

It's too bad Alvin didn't show any Mass Effect gear, I might have sent Razer a check for all my money.

BioWare Pulse: Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 Q&A

We may have a transcript of this Q&A for you later.

More Stuff

We’ll be updating this post as more tasty tidbits surface today.

Total Biscuit asks, "WTF IS SWTOR?"

TotalBiscuit, the Cynicalest of Brits, is at GamesCon as well, and sits along with Stephen Reid, Senior Community Manager for The Old Republic, as he plays the intro missions for the Sith Warrior. We won't talk over TB in this video, but he seems rather impressed by how the game's come along.

Caption This! to win ME3 swag

@biofeed and @EA_ActionMan are offering the opportunity to win, through Twitter, some Mass Effect 3 swag by delighting them with interesting captions for the picture they've provided. You can read more about it here.

SWTOR Producer Presentation

Youtuber KAempire posted up a copy of BioWare TV's livestream of the SWTOR Producer Presentation for which DarthHater had some shakycam footage, so now you can watch the presentation (no gameplay footage) in higher quality (not HD) here:

Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight, Trooper Gameplay

KAempire also has a shakycam video of what seems to be some hands-on origin worlds gameplay for the Chiss Bounty Hunter race/class combo, with some Jedi Knight and Trooper segments thrown in:

SWTOR: TOROCast (Banath) at GamesCom

Banath, a member of TOROcast, a SWTOR podcast show, traveled to Cologne, Germany to attend GamesCom 2011 and he wrote an article with his photos and impressions of the first couple of press-only days.

PC Gamer's article about SWTOR Raids

PC Gamer talks with Gabe Amatangelo about the accessibility of TOR's endgame content.

In short, TOR has a focus on ease of access to the level-50 Operations. Normal difficulty encounters are tuned so that, theoretically, you can begin Ops as soon as you reach the leval cap. Contrast that with, say, WoW, which needed you to grind 5-man instances before reaching the gear to grind Heroic 5-man instances before reaching the gear to grind entry-level raids before - well, you get the point.

The team also aimed increaing ease of team-building and coordination. There's no raid lockouts (a system in most MMOs that would "lock" you into one particular instance of a raid each week) - which will allow a group to easily pick anyone available if needed. A focus on "knowing your class" for the encounters and visual cues cuts down on the need for third-party add-ons as well. If Ops work out the way the team wants, you won't need Vent or threat meters in order to succeed at normal difficulties.

Finally, the loot system brings more parity to the experience. Instead of a group of drops on the boss - of which one to 3 may appear, each player will get an individual bag of loot at the end of each encounter. Hopefully this will get rid of the need for loot management systems, and will ensure that everyone comes out of a raid with something.

This news should come as a welcome surprise for those of us with MMO experience. Especially Razorfish - who spent a few months gathering the materials for her Shadowmourne.

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