GamesCom 2011: Day 2

Let's dive into Day 2 of the German game festival! We've got videos and notes about the FemShep announcement, SWTOR booth presentations, and GamesCom award winners after the break.

Mass Effect 3

David Silverman, VP of Marketing, has announced that, while Blonde FemShep won the fan poll for FemShep's marketing appearance, a lot of the votes were based on the hairstyle. Therefore, Bioware has started a second round of voting based on FemSheps with the winning hairstyle - but with different colors. Your choices include brunette, the original blond, red hair, and dirty blond.

You have until PAX Prime next week to log your choice on Facebook. Remember, you're voting on MarketingShep's hair color at this point, face and hair style are locked in.

Other things mentioned in this broadcast:

  • Engineer class is playable in the hands-on demos
  • More Atlas Mech fighting to come
  • "BioWare Breakfast" shows will begin airing tomorrow at 10am CET / 1am PT / 4am ET, the purpose of which is recapping the events of the previous day, interviewing developers, and mentioning what is in store for that day

Star Wars: The Old Republic

DarthHater comes through with some shakycam booth presentation footage of The Eternity Vault raid (this time, the live demo team does not wipe purposefully to cut the presentation short):

And The Pit warzone:

You can see their analysis of today's SWTOR events here.

More Stuff

We’ll be updating this post as more tasty tidbits surface today.

GamesCom 2011 Award Winners

The verdict for Best in Breed... I mean the Gamescom 2011 Awards... are in. Orange indicates the categories with Bioware nominees:

Best of Gamescom: Battlefield 3, DICE, Electronic Arts
Best Hardware: PlayStation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment
Best Console Game: FIFA 12, EA Sports, Electronic Arts
Best Mobile Game: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Bend Studio, Sony Computer Entertainment
Best Online Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare, Electronic Arts
Best PC Game: Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment, Activision
Best Browser Game: The Sims Social, EA Play, Electronic Arts
Best Family Game: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, Double Fine, Warner Bros. Interactive

Congratulations to SWTOR for winning the Best Online Game award! Mass Effect 3 received a nominee for Best Console Game, but lost out to an EA Sports Roster Update.

Thanks to GameSpy for the prompt results reporting.

Mass Effect 3: IGN's Hands-on Demo Impressions

IGN's Cam Shea recently published an article detailing his impressions of the Mass Effect 3 demo, which we know features Shepard utilizing the Engineer class. Most of the content of the article is a retread, being written for an audience unfamiliar with the game, but they do go into more detail than has been previously published about character progression. Thanks to ME3News for the heads up.

The biggest revelation centers around how talent points are shaping up:

You spend a point to purchase it, and each subsequent upgrade costs more points – much like the old system. The second upgrade increases its duration, the third its radius, then for the fourth, players have a choice between extra duration or wider radius, for the fifth it's a choice between increased damage and faster recharge speed and for the final upgrade it's another choice, between having a 50% larger size for the first ten seconds or having the ball of gravity collapse in on itself and explode when the power ends.

In other words, it appears that power upgrades will work as follows:

  • There are 6 levels to each ability.
  • The first two ranks - levels 2 and 3 of a power - upgrade a single stat, such as range or radius.
  • The final three ranks feature a unique respective choice to be made in terms of evolution.

Cam also pointed out that squad usage will include a heightened focus on squad positioning, which has always existed in a rather perfunctory way in the series. In ME3, setting up flanks and staggered advances may play a much greater role than in previous games.

Mass Effect 3: PWNED! Interview with Mike Gamble

We want those N7 mugs too!

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    Updated this article with information about the ME3 IGN hands-on article (thanks to Danny for the analysis), the PWNED interview with ME3 dev Mike Gamble, and a few bullet points about the FemShep announcement video.