Dragon Age Bundle for $18 @ Impulse

The digital download bundle of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (includes all DLC and the expansion for DA:O) and Dragon Age 2 is currently being offered for $18 at Impulse. This drops the cost of each game to a mere $9 - a fantastic deal if you don't own both games yet - and the lowest either title has ever been. A few notes after the break.

  • Deal is only available to the U.S. and Canada
  • Dragon Age 2 can be activated on Origin, if you prefer that download platform to Impulse, but you still have to use the Impulse client in order to see your game's serial number/activation key.
  • Dragon Age:Origins Ultimate Edition should be activatable on Origin, however, my copy did not register on the BioWare Social Network, which prevents me from using that package to gain registered user forum posting privileges. All entitlements (DLC) show up properly, and are accessible in-game, nevertheless.
  • Impulse is now owned by GameStop, which may or may not discourage you from patronizing their digital storefront.