Caption This! to win ME3 swag

Retweet the following biofeed message and reply to @EA_ActionMan with a caption to the following photo for a chance to win some Mass Effect 3 swag.

biofeed wrote:

4 a chance to win #me3 #swag follow @EA_ActionMan, RT & reply with caption 4 this pic #eaukgc2011

For Twitter newbies, step by step instructions:

  1. Log into your Twitter account (or sign up for free)

  3. Click on this link, which goes to the original message posted by biofeed
  4. Follow @EA_ActionMan, otherwise he can't send you a private message if you win anything
  5. Click on the Retweet option, which posts a copy of the message to your own Twitter feed
  6. Click on the Reply option, which allows you to type a public response to both @biofeed and @EA_ActionMan, and include your caption for the aforementioned photo
  7. Make a votive sacrifice to Lady Luck for a win

Alternatively, if you're at GamesCom, you can mug greet Evil Chris to receive similar swag: