San Diego Comic Con: Day 1

Collecting all of the BioWare convention buzz from Thursday, July 21, 2011 for your convenient perusal here. This post covers a plethora of things, from stage demos for Dragon Age 2: Legacy and Mass Effect 3 to Dragon Age: Redemption, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Mass Effect 3

Adept Gameplay Demo with Q&A

On Thursday Casey Hudson and Jesse Houston did a public demo of Mass Effect 3, giving us an expanded look at the Sur'kesh mission that was shown during E3, however, showcasing the Adept class instead of the Soldier this time. Attendees also had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the same demo mission. The video was removed from BioWare TV's lineup later in the evening, but an intrepid fan uploaded a lower quality screen capture of the recording at

  • The Adept class has special melee ability that is some sort of biotic palm strike, and the melee ability may vary by class
  • A new Adept power, Overpower, was named in an interface during the demo. Its description was "For a short duration, you enter a heightened biotic state, enabling you to launch multiple powers with (PowerRechargeSpeed%p)% enhanced recharge speeds."
  • Teammates can show a personal flair with certain powers.
  • Nonlinear level design
  • XBox Kinect will be useful for hands-free issuing of commands to squadmates
  • Hudson talked a bit about the motivations behind the mission to protect an important female krogan.
  • Workbench footage shows some sample weapon modifications (not necessarily representative of the final product). BSN user clerkenwell transcribed the three weapon modifications shown in the demo thusly:
    • Assault Rifle Stability Damper
      Increases weapon stability by 30%.
      Distributes recoil with a sliding system of counterweights compatible with kinetic coil generators.
      (No apparent visual affect)
    • Assault Rifle E-Material Heat Sink
      Increases rounds per magazine by 40%
      Increases the heat conductivity of the thermal clip receiver, allowing more heat to be vented and more shots to be fired before malfunction.
      (Slightly darker coloring)
    • Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
      Increases damage done by 25%
      A longer version of the original barrel, resulting in greater bullet velocity and energy imparted
      (Slightly lighter coloring, longer barrel)

    When applying a second mod, the most recently applied mod appears to be the one that changes the color of the weapon. Screencaps of the workbench courtesy of kregano:

BioWare Pulse TV Episode 10: Behind the Scenes of Comic-Con Cosplay

Official Garrus Comic-Con Costume

If you're a cosplay afficionado, this video by Komissar Props may be of interest for you. Here, they detail all the elaborate pieces of the body armor they were commissioned by BioWare to make for SDCC.

Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC

Dual-Weapon Rogue Demo and Q&A

Fernando Melo and Kaelin Lavallee also did a public demo for Dragon Age 2's Legacy DLC which gives us an expanded look at the encounter showcased during their dev chat last Friday. This time, Kaelin featured gameplay with a dual-wielding rogue.

Dragon Age: Redemption

Dragon Age: Redemption Panel

Felicia Day (The Guild), Peter Winther (Godzilla, Independence Day), John Bartley (X-Files, Lost), Mark Darrah (BioWare executive producer), David Gaider (leader writer for Dragon Age), and the cast of the upcoming Dragon Age: Redemption web series had a Comic-Con panel, debuting an exclusive sneak peak trailer - which they asked attendees to not record for the Internet - so we get to watch Felicia Day's facial expressions in a darkened room while listening to the trailer's audio instead. Also, this Gamespot article goes with the video.

Although it was always slated for a late Summer 2011 release, Dragon Age: Redemption may be delayed until "early Fall" 2011, according to a quote from Felicia Day, which she actually didn't want repeated. Oops.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Join The Fight Trailer

Instead of a cinematic masterpiece, BioWare went for a in-game engine trailer that briefly showcases each of the playable classes with a little line to describe what they're about.

Join Us, It Is Your Destiny Panel

DarthHater has a transcript of the Q&A.

BioWare Base Q&A

Taken from a livestream of BioWare's Q&A Session at the BioWare Base. Some new minor details were mentioned, including the "VIP" area for owners of the CE Edition. Also info on the Legacy system in terms of race/class combos. Video and legend courtesy of SoMuchMass.

  • 3:40 Collector's Edition Store
  • 6:30 Instancing in the world
  • 7:40 Respecing Info
  • 9:20 Companion character customization
  • 12:20 Speeder Info
  • 14:20 Unlockable Race Info (Legacy System ?)

EA Gives Old Republic Pre-Orders To All Comic-Con Panel Attendees

What a totally misleading article title. Shame on you, Game Informer. According to the article, EA gave all of its Comic-Con panel attendees a free "preorder code" for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The article awkwardly attempts to elucidate what this means. Because attendees still have to pay full price for the preorder, it is likely related to the Early Game Access feature that requires a "preorder code" to reserve your place in line.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Hasbro showcased a new set of Star Wars figurines for their Star Wars: The Vintage Collection line, which includes Knights of the Old Republic character Bastila Shan. According to the presentation sides, you can expect to see her on store shelves in October. Photos courtesy of

Miscellaneous Photos

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