Rumor: Details on TOR Collector’s Edition

Kotaku is reporting a rumor based on a leak retail listing over in Europe that details the pricing and contents of the Collector's Edition of Bioware's upcoming MMO, The Old Republic. Join us after the break to see what you may be able to expect for this alleged "Shut Up and Take My Money" edition.

As Michael McWhertor reports, one retailer, Poland's Empik, temporarily revealed that EA will start taking pre-orders tomorrow, July 21 - with a limit of 500,000 pre-orders (of which 50,000 would be guaranteed).

Furthermore, Spanish retailer has a page up on the Collector's Edition, which will run a cool 149.95€ (compared to 46.95€ to 56.95€ for recent regular releases). This special package includes both physical and digital goodies, included in-box are:

  • An exclusive statue of Darth Malgus (the Sith featured in many trailers and art for the game).
  • A collectible metal case for your game discs
  • The Journal of Master Gnost - a lore-based presentation narrated by Satele Shan (the Jedi who has also been featured prominently in promotions for the MMO).
  • A special log-in key generator
  • A Galaxy Map
  • A soundtrack

Also included in the Collector's Edition are several digital goods to enhance your experience/show off that you spent more money in-game. These digital items are:

  • A flare gun that can fire straight up into the air.
  • A training droid that will follow you around and offer tips as you play (Author's note: Please let me sic HK-47 on this thing).
  • A holographic image projector of a dancer (Think of the Brazier of Dancing Flames for WoW).
  • A HoloCam which allows you to record video of gameplay.
  • An exclusive mount.
  • An exclusive droid companion
  • An in-game vendor that sells exclusive items

This is rumor-mongering for now, but based on the potential 7/21 date, this should be confirmable soon. We'll keep you updated as the news, or lack thereof, comes.