A Lower Price Point for Dragon Age 2

Although I recently pointed out that Dragon Age 2 is half off ($30) at GamersGate, Direct2Drive, and now Amazon, Origin seems to have one upped this discount by setting the MSRP of Dragon Age 2 to $29.99 for the PC and $39.99 for the XBox/PS3. So, we can expect future sales to give us even more tempting numbers... In fact, there are two notable discounts I can point out right now...

Origin Summer Sale (7/28 - 7/31)

For console gamers, Origin is having a 40% off "Summer Sale" on select titles, including Dragon Age 2, this weekend only:
Dragon Age 2 (XBox) $23.99
Dragon Age 2 (PS3) $23.99

This post is about Dragon Age 2, but Mass Effect 2 (PS3) is also sporting an all-time low price tag of $23.99 as a part of this sale. The PS3 version of the game includes all the DLC except for Arrival, and the cost of the DLC purchased separately would easily make this a sweet deal.

All console game Origin summer sale purchases will receive a PC digital download version of Need For Speed: Shift. Personally, I think they got their platforms mixed up, but maybe you just happen to be a multi-platform gamer.

Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition

Amazon has lowered the MSRP of the Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition to Origin's new prices as well. Wasn't this edition supposed to be limited to preorders prior to January 11th, being bundled with exclusive in-game items AND The Exiled Prince DLC ($7) to sweeten the deal? Not sure why, but it's back in stock and just as cheap as the standard edition at Amazon right now.
Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition (PC) $29.99
Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition (XBox) $39.99 $36.99
Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition (PS3) $39.99