[Wall Post] Dragon Age wiki “Legends”/Points giveaway

Dragon Age Wiki is sponsoring a Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC giveaway! Five winners will receive Legacy and 1600 Microsoft Points or the equivalent for the Playstation store. You'll need to sign up for a wikia account and tell them why your Hawke deserves to go to the Vimmark Mountains.

Source: dragonage.wikia.com

Sick of being stuck in Kirkwall? Want to enjoy a day without being asked for help from random people? Now is your chance to spend your summer in Vimmark Mountains, sponsored by the Kirkwall Dwarven Merchant Guild!

As this is the current trendy location for a small getaway, tickets are only available...

A Lower Price Point for Dragon Age 2

Although I recently pointed out that Dragon Age 2 is half off ($30) at GamersGate, Direct2Drive, and now Amazon, Origin seems to have one upped this discount by setting the MSRP of Dragon Age 2 to $29.99 for the PC and $39.99 for the XBox/PS3. So, we can expect future sales to give us even more tempting numbers... In fact, there are two notable discounts I can point out right now... Read More

Steam and Origin – What this Means for Bioware Games

The EA/Valve rift is still going on, with no indication that any progress has been made in whatever is causing this current corporate catfight. However, with Dragon Age 2's recent removal from the Steam store, a question has arose giving exposure of the market to Bioware's releases. Read More

Dragon Age 2: Legacy Impressions

Well, Legacy has hit the markets (save for the Europe PSN Store) and I've had a chance to play through Hawke's latest adventure. Has it improved where the main campaign was lacking? Or is this another story of dashed hopes and blighted tears? Check below the break for my impressions. Read More

[Wall Post] Interview: Mass Effect 3: Can it sell big – without selling out?

CVG asks BioWare marketing guru David Silverman some general questions about the intent of Mass Effect 3.

Source: www.computerandvideogames.com

For two years, the studio has been battling with one of the toughest questions ever faced by a games development unit: How do you follow-up one of the best-rated games of all time?

The Canadian giant wants to woo two audiences that don't easily snuggle together: the RPG heads who first sung about M...

[Wall Post] Win Tickets to PAX Prime 2011 (Seattle)

GOG is hosting a contest to give away 5 Penny Arcade Expo Prime (Aug 26-28)
badges. They're going to make you jump through a hoop or two, but the expo is sold out already, so your options are probably limited.

Source: www.gog.com

So we mentioned back in March that we'll be attending PAX Prime in Seattle, and as the event is getting closer and closer, we wanted to invite you to this biggest "geekfest" on the West Coast! As you probably know, all the tickets to PAX Prime are already sold out, but we have 5 3-day tickets that w...

Mass Effect 2 DLC Sale for XBox Live Gold Members

Mass Effect 2 won a member's choice vote to discount most of its add-on DLC this week by 50% - for XBox Live Gold members only. However, even if you are a card carrying member, this apparently doesn't mean that you can get all of the DLC at a discount. Glaring omissions include the Overlord DLC, Genesis, and all the item and alternate appearance packs. On the upside, Arrival, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi - Stolen Memory are sporting a tempting discount. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age anime called ‘Dawn of the Seeker,’ pushed to 2012

Dragon Age's Funimation direct-to-video anime movie is called 'Dawn of the Seeker' and has been delayed until next year. The article includes two artwork trailers.

Source: www.joystiq.com

Not be confused with the ABC television series about a certain sword of truth, "Dawn of the Seeker" is the name of Funimation's upcoming Dragon Age anime. The company also unveiled the first artwork for the film, featuring the probable protagonist and a good supply of swords. She might even have a t...

[Wall Post] Dragon Age II Legacy DLC Now Available

After some technical difficulties, Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC is finally out for the pc/mac, xbox and ps3. (PS3 version in the EU will be rolled out when the PSN store updates tomorrow)

Source: www.ea.com

Sharpen your sword and step into the boots of a hero because today marks the release of Dragon Age II Legacy, the new downloadable content that brings a fresh storyline into the Dragon Age II universe.