This could be interesting…

Reddit user klokkan has uncovered a video posted on Bioware's Czech Youtube page detailing an interesting promotion that may be in the works. Video and details after the break.

A quick Google translate of the video description shows:

BioWare has decided to reward their most loyal fans in April and has prepared a special event in which every owner of a legal copy of Dragon Age II can download a free digital PC version of Mass Effect 2!

Learn more about how to get the [Game of the Year] 2010, see

The URL given at the end of the video doesn't go anywhere yet, and it may be Europe-only. However, this could be an interesting pot sweetener for anyone who hasn't pulled the trigger yet on ME2. Of course, the internet being what it is, some have pointed it out that this could be Bioware "making up" for DA2.

This could be Bioware shifting gears and preparing to hype us up of Mass Effect 3 - as Arrival has officially ended the ME2 arc.