PSM3: Mass Effect 3 Article (scans, spoilers)

Scans of the May 2011 issue of PSM3 have already hit the Internet and is packed with spoilers about the game, most (but not quite all) of which, after the revelations from Game Informer and Marca Player, are already old news. Even so, we've compiled the info, along with the scans, after the break.

  • Shepard begins the game down on Earth's surface. Soon overwhelmed, he retreats into space to gather alien allies to take back his homeworld.
  • Shepard must call in all the favours earned during previous games
  • Sound tech is the same as Battlefield's DICE: gunfire sounds different indoors and out, sound decays over distance
  • Weapons can be modded with up to 5 different attachments (scopes, grips, under-barrel extras)
  • Shepard can peep over and around objects, dive out from or vault over scenery, and perform SWAT turns between bits of cover.
  • New Reaper half-organic hybrids: the Cannibal - which is part Batarian, part human, and part Reaper - eats other species during combat to give it strength.
  • Enemies function as units, combining specializations to make fire fights more challenging.
  • Shepard's new skills: SWAT turns to and from cover, some super-heavy melee attacks, likened to Uncharted.
  • There's a special melee attack, which varies by character class, that's a one-hit-kill if you get up close.
  • New class-based abilities: the Engineer has a turrent you can deploy to distract enemies.
  • Shepard and his team can dynamically blow enemies to bits by shooting chunks off them, similar to Dead Space's limb damage feature.
  • The Normandy has been re-appropriated by the Alliance, and will have more areas to explore.
  • The Rachni decision from Mass Effect 1 will see some consequences in Mass Effect 3
  • Class restrictions on weapons have been relaxed/removed.
  • If you're importing your Shepard from a game save, you'll retain the appearance of your existing Shepard.
  • Confirmed Squad Mates: Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko, Liara T'soni, Garrus Vakarian, James Sanders (the soldier from the ME3 cinematic, replaces Jacob Taylor)
  • Confirmed Appearances: Tali vas Normandy, Mordin Solus, Jack, Legion, Admiral Anderson, The Illusive Man, Conrad Verner

Although the article only speculates that EDI and Joker are very likely to return, the voice actors (Tricia Helfer and Seth Green respectively) for those characters have already confirmed that they are doing voice work for Mass Effect 3.


Courtesy of kb Gaming Media, reposted by El Dojo Gamer. Thanks to DJ-MAT for the heads up.

  • Svartpest

    Actually The soldier from the ME3 cinematic is not James Sanders, this has been known for some time now. Where are you getting your information? You should confirm it before posting.

    • Razorfish

      Please note the date of the article: April 23, 2011. At the time of the posting, all the gaming publications were using the cinematic soldier's image and labeling it James Sanders. Since then, BioWare has completely shifted gears on the new development of the new party member, including making a last name change to 'Vega' to avoid confusion about the (lack of) relationship to Kahlee, who is another major player in the Mass Effect universe, according to the novels.