Post-Patch 1.02 Known Issues

Dragon Age Patch 1.02 (aka 1.01 for console users) may have fixed a slew of bugs, but Bioware has acknowledged that there are still issues that they're going through for the upcoming 1.03 patch (1.02 for console users). Luke Barrett has been kind enough to compile a list of known issues that they're aware of, actively investigating, and/or fixing as we speak in the PC and XBox Technical support forums. More after the break.

Current issues, post 1.02

General Issues

  • Import Issues (Awakenings; re: Approval levels)
  • Import issue with Zevran, Alistair and Morrigan (all)
  • Olaf's Armory - Chest is invisible. Can still be interacted with, you just can't see it. (Act 3)

Companion Issues

  • Carver goes from Grey Warden to Templar in act 3 during Best Served Cold hostage scene
  • Isabela doesn't switch to her alternate outfit after the romance scene (requires using makers sigh to fix currently)
  • Companions lose upgrades when they switch outfits
  • Fenris' Dog conversation (Black Emporium) is not firing
  • Merrill's 'Mourning' quest at the beginning of Act 2 is auto-completing. This quest is not supposed to be in the game so for now just disregard the message about it. (it does not affect your game at all)
  • Varric's 'Friendly Concern' conversation trees are not firing for any LI except Anders currently
  • Sebastian Vael - Despite having friendship maxed, his companion power does not show as active on his Abilities page (the bonus is working, however)
  • Anders' rivalry dialog doesn't trigger (friendship instead) during endgame after the 'chantry part'
  • Anders' Tevinter chantry amulet turn-in does not give the appropriate reputation modifier when in a rivalry

Quest Issues

  • 'Who Needs Rescuing' quest still broken
  • 'Sketchy on the Details' doesn't clear from the journal upon completion
  • During 'Demands of the Qun' Aveline's guards are aggressive if you go to the docks at night

Combat Issues

  • Varric's Disorienting Shot doesn't disorient (for more than a split-second)
  • Modal abilities that should be exclusive are stacking if you toggle two of them on quickly
  • Hawke can become immune to Injury occassionally
  • Magic Resist is affecting Haste (causing the duration to be shorter, essentially resisting your own buff)
  • Issues with Gravitic Ring under certain circumstances

PC Only Issues

  • GUI Elements are not aligned properly after installing 1.02 Fixed. Users need to delete 'Troll-faced' mod from their addons folder to alleviate this issue.
  • Directx11!!!!
  • Flickering White Flashes in rare cases
  • PhysX issues causing the game not to run
  • Mouse Cursor causing stutterring animations and gameplay (the hold RMB for +frame-rate issue)
  • Various issues surrounding 'guest'/administrator accounts in Windows
  • Holding RMB over GUI elements causes the cursor to get locked on those items, the only way to fix it is to mouse over those items again (this can cause the game to completely lock-out input if done over the companion portraits)
  • Mouseover text for set bonuses on Hawke's Abilities page extends upward off the screen
  • Conversations and Ambient dialogs are missing the very first line for some users

Xbox360 Only Issues

  • Epic achievement doesn't seem to fire without importing a DAO game (ie. doing two new playthroughs)

Current issues that require new playthroughs (or older saves) in 1.02

  • Slo-mo hawke (as well as other stat modifiers) are not retroactively fixed. The problem will not reoccur or get worse but whatever value you currently have will be stuck with you for now (there are many helpful threads about editting the save to manually fix the issue in the mean time)
  • Aveline's 4th upgrade (Favor and Fault) will not appear if you've already entered the area once in Act 3 before applying the patch

Sources: PC Issues List, XBox Issues List