Mod Monday

Sorry about the belated's still Monday somewhere! This week's list got a stronger than usual filter treatment, but it has essentials, feature requests, and something purely for fun to round it all out.

Bug Fixes

  • DA2 v1_01 Save Game Fix by gastank
    This fix contains a script to fix saved games broken by the Isabela/Sebastian friendship bug, or the Item set removal bug. If you start a new game with patch 1.02, you don't need this. If you patched to 1.02 but want to play a saved game already broken, this is for you.

Requested Features

  • Weapon Swap Sets by xatmos
    Gives each character an ability that allows you to swap between two sets of weapons and hotbar abilities, similar to the functionality in Dragon Age: Origins.
  • DA2 Equip Your Party by Dragonagefun
    This mod lets you equip regular armor on your companions. It basically changes the inventory page of all your companions to default, so there is a slot for head/hand/chest/boots. No longer are you forced to sell all the armor you collect. Put those armor to use and equip your companions! (This mod also disables evolving armor stats to maintain game balance.)
  • Sophie's Choice by xatmos
    Ever wanted Bethany to live but got Carver instead, or vice versa? Well, this mod tricks the game so that the other sibling lives. If you are a rogue or warrior, Bethany will die instead of Carver. If you are a mage, Carver will die instead of Bethany. Note that the game has very specific storylines based on Hawke's class, and for example, if you use this mod to have Bethany, the game may ignore the fact that you are a mage.

Simply Fun

  • Troll Face Conversation Icons by zalunaya
    This mod changes the conversation wheel option icons to various Internet meme "troll face" icons. 'Nuff said.
  • Izzy

    Hi there!

    I see you use the troll face mod :)

    I really want to use it, but the original has been taken down, could you perhaps email it to me?

    Please respond to, and i'll be so grateful :) I'll draw you someething as a gift or something to say thank you ^^

    • Razorfish

      Contacted, and sent.

      According to this post on BSN by the author of the Troll Faces mod, he deleted his entry at because they featured his mod as the mod of the month, and he felt that his whimsical creation was undeserving of the attention: