Mod Monday

It's Monday, and this week's mod picks all revolve around appearances - the way things look, whether it be your characters, your actions, or your enemies. We haven't included any armor, companion, or environmental retextures this round, since the jury is still out on which ones are the best.

Requested Features

  • Female Hawke movement animation tweak by revan1988
    Are you annoyed by how female Hawke sashays daintily around Kirkwall? This mod swaps the female Hawke's usual movement animation to the male version. 'Cause no one said you can't be sexy whilst still walking like a normal human being.
  • Persistent Corpses by SkullKnight
    Similar to the No Decaying Corpses mod for DAO, this mod will simply stop the automatic removal of corpses. With this mod you can see the full extent of the carnage caused during battle, as dead enemies will remain after being looted.
  • Redefined Blood by zalunaya
    This mod simply lessens the amount of blood splashing around during combat. It also optionally reduces the amount of the blood spatters on characters.


  • Male Hawke Very Hairy Texture by MysticBinary82
    Ever thought that shirtless male Hawke just wasn't manly enough? Envious of Varric's chest hair? Well, this mod will give your chest a carpet that Isabela would gladly swoon over.
  • Pineappletree's Vibrant Hair for DA2 by Pineappletree
    This replaces the standard hair texture in DA2, which is used for all player characters and (all?) NPCs. The new texture has double the resolution of the original and is based on images of real hair. It is compatible with all hair tints, vanilla or modded.
  • Natural Hair by Veridical
    This mod adds 23 new shades of varying blonde, brown, red and even a few slightly less neon versions of white and grey hair tints.
  • Darkspawn Textures by zalunaya
    This addon does some minor retexturing of the Ogre and Hurlock to make them look more menacing, instead of washed out.
  • Younger Hawke by Hello Santa
    For the younger crowd: this mod adds a new preset to the character creator with a younger looking version of the iconic male Hawke face (smoother, without wrinkles and veins).

Simply Fun

  • Mabari Summon Replacements by SkullKnight
    Ever get bored of just having a dog follow your party around? Want to RP a blood mage with a more dangerous pet? This mod simply replaces the Mabari hound summon with various other creatures (requests will be considered). It is NOT an appearance-only modification; the summoned creatures fight in their own unique ways.
  • Isabela Warden Boots by beeto
    Have you ever coveted Isabela's long thigh-high boots on your female warden? Well, now you can have it with this mod, which replaces the appearance of the female warden boots with Isabela's boots.
  • Rogue and Mage Swords by Gogadantes
    This is a proof-of-concept mod that changes the "Shard of the Fallen" dagger and the "Voracity" staff into using the Fadeshear or DAO elven longsword model, while RETAINING their dual weapons and staff animations for stances, attacks, talents and spells. The end result is the appearance of using swords with dagger and staff attack animations.