Mod Monday

We've been a bit sluggish with updates lately while preparing a couple of bigger updates...more to come soon! But it's Monday, so it's time for some more great mod finds for Dragon Age 2. We've highlighted some fan made bugfixes for you to check out, among other oft-requested features this week.


  • Aveline armor upgrade bugfix by revan1988
    There is a known issue where Aveline's fourth and final armor upgrade is not obtainable due to a bug with quest completion. This fixes that.
  • DA2 Armor Tint Fix by lastofthecouslands
    Fixes the issue with different darker skin tones showing up fair due to a missing tint file and incorrect mao.
  • Female Elf Leather Specular Fix by ishmaeltheforsaken
    Fixes the female elf leather armor's specular map so that skin doesn't have a purple sheen.
  • Savegame Import Fixes by Monochrome Wench [Second Mention]
    I mentioned this addon in our first ever Mod Monday, however, it has grown quite a bit since then. If you haven't been keeping up with the changes to this bugfix mod, you should give it another look, as more import bugs are being addressed, allowing correct, unique dialogue to play.

Features Often Requested

  • Playable Elf Race by H4lfD3ad
    This addon changes character creation and the game to make Hawke (and his/her family) appear as elves.
  • Nightmare Difficulty without Friendly Fire or Effects by The Pulverizer
    Because friendly fire is hardcoded into Nightmare mode, the mod we highlighted last week to remove friendly fire from Nightmare mode doesn't prevent friendly attacks from tagging enemies with auxiliary effects like Brittle, Staggered, Disoriented. This mod seeks to remedy that by changing HARD difficulty mode to be as difficult as Nightmare mode, only without any sort of friendly fire.
  • Enhanced Points and Tactics Slots by Scorpion1082
    This is a twist on the XP mods that increases your leveling rate so that you can reach the level cap (50) by the end of Dragon Age 2. Instead of leveling you up faster, you receive double the attribute and ability points to spend at each level. Available equipment seems to be tied to your current level, not your current stats. So now, you won't get overpowering equipment so early on on top of all the extra points. The real hard-ceiling for levels in this game is 27 (26 if you don't do DLC missions), without the use of mods or cheats. So this mod gives you all 150 attribute points and all 50 ability points at the time you reach level 26. So this may be the same concept as the other mods, but it goes about it much differently.
  • Lock Bash by xatmos [Second Mention]
    I mentioned this addon last week as Lock Bash Lite. xatmos seems to have finalized his addon and added in the feature to gain xp when opening these no-longer-locked chests.


  • Scars by LordTabookie
    Blood smear not intimidating enough for you? This mod adds a few battle scars to the complexion slider, to make your hero a little more unique.
  • LOTC's Hair Tints for DA2 by lastofthecouslands
    If you were dismayed by the lack of hair color options, this mod is for you. This package adds 50 various hair tints for Hawke character creation.
  • Origins Hair Appearance by SithLady
    This mod makes specular lighting for hair work like it was in Origins. If you think that Dragon Age 2's hair tints gives hair a plastic appearance, this mod may be for you. This is a REPLACER, it will change appearance of every original hair in the game and custom ones which are using original base hair texture. Which means all hair will look more like they did in Origins on the player character, companions and npcs alike.
  • The Apostate Wardrobe by Andraste
    Is your Hawke tired of tripping over his skirts in battle? Frustrated by robes that cover up her boots and gloves? Sick of walking around Kirkwall in an outfit that screams 'ARREST ME, I'M A MAGE'? This mod replaces two of the standard mage robe models with more practical adventuring gear already seen in some of the unique armor. It's a purely aesthetic change that will have no effect on item stats. It should only change the player's gear, so NPCs are still stuck wearing dresses.


  • MetaGame Abilities DA2 by xatmos
    This grants the player the ability to open the world map or party selection screen anywhere (except where abilities are deactivated, like Hawke's home), spawn Bodhan to sell junk anywhere, or change your gender flag to allow you to pass checks that require the other gender (e.g. Sebastian's strictly heterosexual romance option).