Marca Player: Mass Effect 3 Article (pictures, spoilers)

The May 2011 issue of Marca Player, a Spanish gaming magazine, has an exclusive feature on Mass Effect 3. In the article, they mention details about new melee-oriented attacks, Engineer turrets, customizable weapons, and enemies, both Cerberus and Reapers.

DJ-MAT summarized some points in a thread on the BioWare forums and also posted up a cleaner translation of the same points:

  • Shepard can roll, jump small gaps, and hit cover in a way likened to Max Payne.
  • Space battles are possible, but unconfirmed at this stage.
  • The Engineer can build turrets, and weapons are customisable.
  • New locations include New York, London, the Salarian home planet, a Quarian moon, and Mars. Developing each location takes six months, and BioWare tests them as soon as they start working on them.
  • Pro-human organisation Cerberus, which acts against Shepard in the game, has mechs, assault units and "ninja-style" shock troops at its disposal.
  • Both Shepard and his party members are able to cause damage dynamically to enemies. The Cerberus mechs, for example, have a weak spot that must be shot. Arms can be cut off and armour can be broken.
  • The combat is described as "more dynamic", forcing players to move quickly. "Game rhythm" is 10-15 percent faster.
  • Mysterious alien robot race the Reapers come in different sizes, from 500-600 metres to two kilometers. Sovereign, for example, is a two kilometre Reaper.
  • Environments are bigger. We'll see people walking, ships fighting and more detailed architecture. BioWare is looking for photo-realism by using new lightning techniques for the environments. Atmosphere is also better and there are more interactive elements in the scenarios.
  • A new scanning system has been implemented, and we won't drive the vehicles of previous Mass Effect games.


Courtesy of Mendose.