Class Item Packs Are Available For Purchase. No Word Yet On Dungeon Variation Pack.

Bioware has announced the first post-release DLC for Dragon Age II, in the form of items packs for each of the three classes. The packs each feature items for Hawke, as well as new companion items for your class-sharing teammates.

Items stats are trickling in as more people take part in the packs. However, the items include a staff and a 1H axe that scale with level, and many items have bonuses to all attributes. You'll likely find something in these packs to help your playing experience, if you have no problem with the concept of paying for little more than gear.

Prices are 240 MS/BW points for the Xbox and PC versions, and $2.99 for the PS3 version. Alternativley, you can get all three packs for 400 points or $4.99 for the PS3 pack. Of course, as the PSN has been down for over a week, PS3 players will have to wait until the network's back up, which should happen within the week.