CHIEF: Mass Effect 3 Article Reveals… (spoilers)

The May 2011 issue of Belgian/Flemish gaming magazine CHIEF features Mass Effect 3's Shepard on the cover. Although We haven't been able to get our hands on the article itself yet, blogs have been remarking on a couple of new spoilers contained therein. The biggest piece of new information is that there will be a certain character from the Mass Effect: Retribution novel making an appearance. We've summarized the points that have been posted and dug up the shiny cover graphic for you after the break.

Some old news, a bit of new news:

  • Difficulty: "Normal is the new Veteran"
  • The team Commander Shepard assembled during ME2 has fallen apart by the time of ME3.
  • Shepard will be fighting against Cerberus once again.
  • BioWare collaborated with DICE, the developer of Battlefield 2 and 3, on weapon sounds. The game takes into account the distance a bullet can travel, the environment in which it is fired, and the noise around it. DICE is actually researching how some of the weapons would take effect in real life, with gravity and space calculated into the equation/process of making these weapons.
  • One character Shepard comes into contact with due to this struggle is Kai Leng, an assassin for hire with a dislike for aliens. He was featured earlier in Mass Effect: Retribution, the third book about the Mass Effect universe.
  • Players can add scopes, barrels and other attachments to their weapons.
  • There will be more biotic powers available.
  • This is not the final game in the Mass Effect universe, but it is the final game in which Commander Shepard has the main role. Hudson states that his/her story is "over, told and done. We don't need to mess with it anymore."
  • Shepard will travel to Rannoch, the homeworld of the Quarian species. The Quarians were driven from their home by the Geth, a robotic species.
  • Shepard will travel to the Turian homeworld (Palaven).
  • James Sanders is a muscular man that looks like "an American Football-player on a steroid diet."

Shepard is on the cover of CHIEF magazine

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