Bioware Sequel Celebration

As we mentioned yesterday, an interesting offer was coming up soon, and now it has come to fruition. If you currently own or are considering buying Dragon Age 2 (for any platform) anytime until April 30, 2011, you will have the opportunity to also get Mass Effect 2 (PC digital download only) for free, simply by entering in your Black Emporium promo code, after activation, on this page. Also check out the FAQ on the official page if you have any questions about eligibility and activation.

  • Razorfish

    The Cerberus Network Card, which gives you access to a DLC companion character, additional missions, and equipment is included with this freebie offer. Activating your game via the EADM will automatically add this bonus DLC to your entitlements list, and there will be a link provided to you to download all of the files at