[Wall Post] Working on the User Interface

Source: Working on the User Interface

Lead UI Artist Michael Voigt explains the process of achieving an accessible but useful game interface.
Hello everyone, my name is Michael Voigt, and I’m the Lead UI Artist here at BioWare Austin. In this blog, I’ll share some of our vision and goals for the user interface in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and the solutions that we used to achieve them.

[Wall Post] Fan Site Summit 2011: Group Q&A Sessions With SWTOR Developers

Ask A Jedi posted up a few audio clips of the group Q&A sessions with Bioware developers at the SWTOR Fan Site Summit.

Source: www.askajedi.com

A big part of the Fan Site Summit this week was interaction with the developers whom are all busy working on our upcoming obsession. While each site had the chance to interview one developer in a one-on-one situation, there were also Group Q&A sessions structured where each site in attendance could ...

[Wall Post] Sith Warrior Character Progression

Source: Sith Warrior Character Progression

In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, your character advances through the ranks, gaining experience, growing in power, and reaping the rewards of more advanced gear and skills.
Take a look at this Sith Warrior as he develops and amasses power in The Old Republic. While there are many paths to choose from, this example gives you a small glimpse of the armor and abilities a Sith Warrior can claim as he pursues his own destiny.

[Wall Post] LEVEL magazine – 10 page ME3 article described (no scans)

BSN poster Arcian did a writeup / translation of the Mass Effect 3 article in the May 2011 issue of LEVEL, a Swedish gaming magazine. Sorry, no scans yet!

Source: social.bioware.com

I just bought the 61st issue of the swedish video-gaming magazine LEVEL today, and they had ME3 as their main article. I thought I'd transcript the most interesting stuff for you (unfortunately it is impossible for me to scan the images, so I'll have to describe them until someone else can put them ...

[Wall Post] AMD Catalyst™ 11.4 Release Notes

The AMD Radeon Catalyst 11.4 video card driver, whose early alpha/beta versions were recommended to Dragon Age 2 players to alleviate crashing and display problems with DirectX 11, finally got an official release yesterday.

Source: support.amd.com

This article provides information on the latest posting of AMD’s software suite, AMD Catalyst™ 11.4. This particular software suite updates both the AMD display driver, and the AMD Catalyst Control Center. This unified driver has been updated to provide enhanced level of power, performance, and reli

[Wall Post] Mage Tutorial Video – Teach Me How To Force Mage

AreleX, author of well-received Dragon Age 2 dw rogue and 2h warrior guides, recently posted up a Mage tutorial video to dispel some misconceptions about the strengths (or lack thereof) of the Mage class.

Source: social.bioware.com

Hearing the general amount of foolishness and misinformation about how 'terrible' Mages are in DA2, I decided to give a Mage playthrough a shot. The results were quite the opposite of what popular opinion would have you believe, as I had an awesome time, was incredibly powerful, and was presented wi...