Workaround: Hi-Res Texture Installation (Mac)

Crunchyinmilk recently posted instructions for installing the Dragon Age 2 Hi-Res Texture Pack for Mac OSX users.

Original Post:

  • Download the .exe from the patch page.
  • Rename the file, changing the extension from .exe to .7z (eg: highres.7z)
  • Have an archive utility that can handle 7z's properly (Keka).
  • Extract the high res texture pack and you'll get a couple of folders. The one you want is named $[34].
  • Nested in $[34], there are the two high res .erf files:

    Drop them directly into /UserName/Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override/ or create a new folder to put them in, so long as they're inside the override directory.

  • Open up your DragonAge.ini file in textedit (located at /UserName/Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/Settings/DragonAge.ini).

    Under [VideoOptions], set TexturePack=1

  • Setting Dragon Age II to 'High' settings within the game should do this anyway, even though there's no textures option. On the PC my DragonAge.ini has this setting with High Res Textures enabled. Not a major step up, but nice to see weapons less blurry on your character's back.

    RE: Using Keka. It behaves based on the file extension, renaming it to highres.7z will allow you to drag the file to the icon in the dock to initiate extraction.

    I tried stuffit with no luck (old version). Ez7z also failed. Keka just worked.