Results of the Mass Effect 2 Live Chat (March 24, 2011)

Due to technical difficulties, the chat was cut short, about 20 minutes into broadcasting. Mass Effect Lead Writer Mac Walters explained the plot of the upcoming Arrival DLC, teased about the upcoming third Mass Effect comic story arc, and answered some questions about being a writer for Electronic Arts. Video of the chat and list of questions asked after the break.

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1:54 dlarke: Just a reminder to everyone that we will be talking about writing for the Mass Effect franchise - games/comics/books. We won't be able to talk much about Mass Effect 3 as we don't have all the details yet.

2:05 dlarke: Sorry all. Internet at BioWare headoffice just went down. It is back now and we will start shortly :P

2:08 dlarke: We will post fan questions as soon as Mac and Erika are ready :)

2:11 [Comment From Gary]
What was the primary inspiration for the Mass Effect setting?

2:11 [Comment From Adam]
How do you get inspiration to create such a vivid universe?

2:13 [Comment From Adam]
How did you get from school to writing stories for video games?

2:14 [Comment From Khayness]
Hello there! What is the canon status of the Mass Effect franchise? Games > Books > Comics or are they equally important to the Mass Effect universe?

2:16 [Comment From Jeremy]
Who is your favorite character in Mass Effect and why ?

2:17 [Comment From JasonK]
Do the people chosen previously to voice parts in Mass Effect affect you as a writer when penning future storylines, like Mass Effect 3? For example when you write for the Elusive Man, does Martin Sheen's voice come into your head, and if so, how does that affect the story?

2:19 [Comment From Tim]
Hi Mac and Erika. What advice would you give to writers that want to write for the Mass Effect games? What do you look for in prospective applicants?

2:21 [Comment From Scottishwarrior92]
what do your think of some of the fan made material that are made?? i.e. Mods, art, comics and music

2:27 [Comment From X-Ray]
Did any characters change significantly from your vision of them in the writing process to when they had a voice actor to them?

2:30 [Comment From Dan ]
Do you approach writing the for the comics differently to writing for the game, if so how is it different?

2:32 [Comment From Phoenix ]
So how do you change your mind set from Character to Character? like how can you be a kind loving person as liara to an evil son of a gun guy like saren? do you find it hard and what steps do you take to put your self in that mind set?

2:32 dlarke: Since we had some issues we will run the chat for 2 more questions. Thanks for your patience!

2:34 [Comment From Luke ]
Mac, how is your typical workday at the studio?

2:35 dlarke: Here is the last question:

2:36 [Comment From KGuNN ]
Hey Mac and Erika. How many different storyline chioces are there and how you keep them organised and follow the same path, whilst keeping to interesting plot points (like character deaths, saving/killing someone, saving/destroying something)?

I may transcribe the video when I get the chance. Check back later for the verdict!