Best Buy Combo

If you are still looking to preorder Crysis 2 AND pick up Dragon Age 2 while you are at it, Best Buy may have an interesting deal. TL;DR: Buy Crysis 2 + Dragon Age 2 online. Save $30 instantly. Receive $10-20 in credit. Read More

Arrival DLC Gets A Release Date

Along with releasing three new screenshots, Bioware has set a date for the release of the last Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, which will introduce a story that bridges the events of Mass Effect 2 with the upcoming Mass Effect 3: March 29, 2011... In just 11 days! Read More

Dragon Age Malevolence

Inspired by Felicia Day's upcoming webseries, Dragon Age Redemption, a talented group of fans have begun working on their own live-action Dragon Age short film entitled Dragon Age Malevolence. Not much is known yet about the plot, but the group recently posted up a teaser trailer, which features lots of fighting, screaming, and blood-spattered people. It's actually pretty impressive, especially considering that they have a budget of $0. Read More

Dragons love AMD

There's an interesting post over at the PC Format magazine blog making a rather basic comparison of the performance of Dragon Age 2 running in DirectX 11 at 1920x1080 on a more powerful NVidia graphics card and then downgraded to a weaker AMD Radeon graphics card. Surprisingly enough, although the NVidia clocked in with a higher framerate, the weaker AMD card yielded a smoother framerate, and thus a significantly better gameplay experience.

Mod Monday

Okay, so there's really no connection between mods and Mondays, aside from a weak alliteration. But considering that more and more players have been discovering/creating makeshift tools to modify Dragon Age 2, we're actually seeing a healthy dose of small addons that may be of interest to many players. Check out our picks from this past week, which include unofficial game fixes, complaint fixers, unlocks, conveniences, glowing eyes, and more. Read More