Mod Monday

Okay, so there's really no connection between mods and Mondays, aside from a weak alliteration. But considering that more and more players have been discovering/creating makeshift tools to modify Dragon Age 2, we're actually seeing a healthy dose of small addons that may be of interest to many players. Check out our picks from this past week, which include unofficial game fixes, complaint fixers, unlocks, conveniences, glowing eyes, and more.

Unofficial Fixes

  • Savegame Import Fixes by Monochrome Wench
    There is a known problem wherein Dragon Age 2 doesn't correctly import the relationship status of the Warden with characters from Dragon Age: Origins that have cameos in Dragon Age 2. This mod aims to ensure if a player was in a relationship with a party member in Dragon Age: Origins, the Dragon Age 2 plot flags in will properly reflect it.
  • Friendship Bug Workaround by Veridical
    Not exactly a fix, more of a workaround, this mod limits Isabela and Sebastian's Friendship bonus to work only on themselves, avoiding the stacking bug that may occur when it affects you.
  • Teagan Fix by DragonReine
    This small addon makes Teagan's facial appearance more 'faithful' to his Dragon Age Origins model.
  • Nathaniel Eye Color Fix by ElysiumFic
    If you're nitpicky about game details and are bothered that Nathaniel in Dragon Age 2 appears with the wrong eye color, this fixes that.

Complaints Addressed, Features Often Requested

  • Warrior Archery and Dual Wielding by Dragonlord Filip
    Annoyed that Bioware removed the capability for Warriors to dual wield or use bows? This mod adds the Dual Wield and Archery trees to warrior Hawke's talent repertoire.
  • Sustained Effects GONE by MagnusB
    If you don't like the visuals for sustained effects, now you don't have to see them even in combat. This mod removes all the visuals that the sustained effects use, and as a side effect it should also give you a bit of performance boost in game combat.
  • Hide Weapons 2 by DarkenDE
    Don't like seeing your weapons attached to your back while out of combat? Now you don't have to.
  • Unlock Companion Skill and Weapon Trees by KwanJin
    Are you put off that your companions are so limited in development paths that they don't even get the full complement of the six base talent trees and/or specializations? Well, this mod unlocks the six base talent trees for your companions in a new playthrough. There are also instructions on how to add talent trees and specializations to companions in existing games via the developer console.


  • Character Generator Revamp by TrufflesDuval
    Want to be able to start with the iconic Hawke presets and tweak it to your preferences? This addon adds a number of new presets to the character generator, including the iconic Hawke preset (replaces preset #3), which is normally not editable.
  • Change Hawke Preset by BurntCheese
    If you want a mod that simply unlocks the iconic Hawke presets for adjustment but doesn't add new presets, this mod does the trick.
  • TrufflesDuval Texture Mod by TrufflesDuval
    Don't have a computer / graphics card that can handle DirectX 11 + the Hi-Res Texture Pack? Well, don't let that stop you from enjoying crisper environmental textures. Trufflesduval created a mod that implements higher res textures in Dragon Age 2 for DirectX 9 users.
  • Black Hair is Black by MidnightVoyager
    This replaces the default black hair tint with one that is a darker tone, which makes it more blueish black than the default brownish black.


  • Autorun and Tab Toggles by Muckbeast
    HIGHLIGHTING: Turns the tab key into a toggle for highlighting usable objects in game all the time instead of forcing you to hold the tab key down to highlight them.
    AUTORUN: If you set Numpad0 to the secondary MOVE FORWARD key, you can then use it as an autorun. Hitting Numpad0, W, or S, will toggle autorun off. If you would prefer a different autorun key, simply edit the file and change Numpad0 to the key you would prefer.
  • Faster Runspeed by Muckbeast
    I find it convenient to have increased run speed out of combat, simply to get around more quickly. This mod permanently increases your run speed either in and out of combat, or out of combat only (your choice of files).
  • Unlock All Chests by Seipherwood
    Since there's no lock bash mod (yet), this is probably the next best thing for the completionists among us who don't have capable rogues in the party. You lose out on the xp gained from unlocking chests, but if that matters so much, bring a rogue instead!

Simply Fun

  • Glowing Eyes for Hawke by kurniallah2412
    This addon causes Hawke's eyes to glow when activating certain sustainable abilities, in an effort to be more faithful to the cinematic trailer. And because it's cool looking.
  • Desire Demon Companion by Jack Deth
    Would you rather have a sexy, partly nude succubus following you around instead of a mabari hound? Wish granted!
  • Arachnomabari Complete by Gogadantes
    Would you rather have a freaky, intimidating looking spider following you around instead of a mabari hound? Ah...well, this mod does that for you.

Did we miss your favorite mod? Let us know!