Mod Monday

Another week, another set of mod recommendations for Dragon Age 2!

Often Requested

  • Friendly Fire OFF by Unknown
    This mod turns friendly fire damage off in Nightmare mode.
  • No Gibbing by PsychoEva
    Removes most of the exploding body gibbs from combat. Death blows still happen, but nothing explodes, just does the normal death animation.
  • Lock Bash Lite by xatmos
    This mod will allow any character to bypass locks. There's no animation, no lost items, no stat requirements, and no configuration -- the loot window will simply open.


  • Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors for DA2 by Pineappletree
    This is a collection of 46 new skin tones, 42 new eye colors and 48 new stubble & eyebrow colors for use in the DA2 character creator.
  • WyldTats and Skins by Wyldsong and Roma Victa
    This pack adds around 36 tattoos (including the various combinations) to the character creator.
  • LOTC's Eye Textures for DA2 by lastofthecouslands
    This mod offers a selection of iridescent and standard eye textures for DA2. The eye textures are standalone and will only change the eye texture of your PC only. The sparkling color from the iridescent textures will also change using the game's tints.
  • DA2 NPC Hands by lastofthecouslands
    If npc hands in Dragon Age 2 go beyond "ugly / dirty / realism" for you, this mod may be of interest. It provides smooth, younger looking hands for Bethany, Merrill, and Isabela. Removes awkward spots on Anders hands.
  • Isabela Pants and Shorts by Helios33
    If you felt like Isabela needed to stop flashing her thong in everyones face, this mod may be for you. It gives you a choice of retextures that give Isabela the appearance of wearing pants or shorts.


  • Demonic Arms for Crushing Prison by TheDarkness1113
    This mod forces the visual effect of smoky demonic arms reaching out of a portal to tear a monster apart to be shown every time you cast Crushing Prison. (The game normally only shows this when you cause a killing blow with Crushing Prison on Ogres.)