Get Some Dragon Age 2 Razer Schwag. If You’d Like.

Good news, everyone! Razer, the gaming peripheral company, has stocked some Dragon Age-themed gear for your purchasing pleasure. On top of that, buying these items will also get you a second chance at a promotional piece of loot. Details after the break.

Razer has announced on its product page a total of 5 products with Hawke or Blood Dragon themes. Ranging from the awesome, such as the Onza XBox 360 controller, to the slightly silly, such as a "gaming" mousepad, these products all allow you to show off some DA2 love while upgrading your stock PC gear.

Furthermore, these products, save for the messenger bag, come with a code to unlock the Ring of Whispers on either the PC or XBox 360, a promotional ring previously available with a purchase from Epic Weapons. So, you get the chance to get this sweet dagger while buying something slightly more useful. Sweet.