Dragon Age Unlockables. Let Me Show You Them.

The EA2D guys have unveiled how to unlock the Dragon Age Legends promotional items today. Join us after the break to see how you can your hands on some delicious freebie loot, and get into the Head Start event.


  • Evra's Might
    Learn how to build your castle in the tutorial to earn Evra’s Might
  • Evra's Trophy Belt
    Reach Freylen’s Peak and complete the quest Vantage Point to earn Evra’s Trophy Belt
  • Air of Confidence
    Complete the quest Secure Fort Elim to earn Air of Confidence
  • Ivo Family Crest
    Defeat Raspin and complete the quest The Rascal Raspin to earn the Ivo Family Crest
  • Dura's Blue Flame
    So, my birthday’s coming up on March 25th, and I was planning on giving Dura’s Blue Flame to ALL Dragon Age Legends players on that day (and new players going forward) as a special celebration. But, I could be convinced to unlock Dura’s Flame earlier…

You can find the post here.

While Evra's Might will be unlocked after finishing the castle-building tutorial, allowing you to PUNCH DEMONS IN THE FACE early, three of the other items require completing specific quests. In my experience with the beta, I had reached level 10 without seeing any of these, so they'll require substantially more investment.

The pendant, Dura's Blue Flame, will likely be unlocked on 3/25, which corresponds with the birthday of Ethan Levy, producer for Legends. Though a graphic on the page indicates that, if a certain goal (100,000 Facebook Likes) is reached beforehand, Dura's Blue Flame will be unlocked early.

Head Start

Just as a reminder, the Dragon Age: Legends Head Start begins on March 8th (tomorrow), coinciding with Dragon Age 2's release. All closed beta characters will be wiped again prior to this. In order to particpate, you need either a beta key OR a copy of Dragon Age 2 registered to your EA account. Logging into Legends during the Head Start period and before March 15 will entitle you to a "Signature Edition pack" which includes a Hawke party member and some items to use in Legends.

Gamespot is purportedly still giving out beta keys, so grab one if you haven't already.

Promo Packs

If you're a beta tester, you may have noticed the appearance of a crate icon in the main menu, which reveals a hint of some of the other promotions that will be in effect at some point for Legends:

  • N7 Armor
    A very blatant tie-in to Mass Effect 2. If you have Mass Effect 2 registered to your EA account, you'll probably receive this promo pack.
  • Death's Hand Armor
    All beta testers will receive the Death's Hand Armor set as a thanks for your participation
  • Ser Issac's Armor
    A very blatant tie-in to Dead Space 2. If you have Dead Space 2 registered to your EA account, you'll probably receive this promo pack.
  • Razorfish

    Update, the first two unlockables (Evra's Might ring, and Evra's Trophy Belt) are unlocked very quickly (finish the tutorial, and finish the first quest, respectively).

    Also, the Signature Edition pack only applies to owners of Dragon Age 2. Previously – it seemed that you would receive this regardless of DA2 ownership – but that turned out not to be the case.