Dragon Age Malevolence

Inspired by Felicia Day's upcoming webseries, Dragon Age Redemption, a talented group of fans have begun working on their own live-action Dragon Age short film entitled Dragon Age Malevolence. Not much is known yet about the plot, but the group recently posted up a teaser trailer, which features lots of fighting, screaming, and blood-spattered people. It's actually pretty impressive, especially considering that they have a budget of $0.

The was an explanatory description posted this about the project along with the video:

I love Dragon Age so much, I wanted to join in on the fun of Felicia Day's live action webseries, to show my love for Bioware and the universes they create.

So... I made my own Dragon Age fan film on just about zero dollars budget.

This is an original story I wrote that would fit in with the themes of the Dragon Age world.

To do something epic like Dragon Age justice without a lot of money is challenging, to say the least... But the whole cast & crew utilized all our resources really well and worked our butts off to try and make it happen.

I expect to finish working on the short film and release it in a few months.

To clarify, I'm not trying to compete with Felicia Day or infringe upon Bioware material in any way. I'm just a really, really passionate fan of the game and wanted to show my support of the universe.

- Leo Kei Angelos, director

According to his IMDB profile, Leo Kei Angelos (appears in the teaser as an elven archer), has some short projects already under his belt, both as a stunt man and cinematographer.

Looks promising! Hopefully we'll see the final product, as promised, in a few months time.

Thanks to GingerAnne for the heads up.

  • Razorfish

    p.s. The angsty blonde you see extensively in the trailer is named "Lady Morgana." I thought that Dragon Age had their own titles of nobility: ser, bann, and teyrn… but I guess it's just Ferelden: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Fereldans#Teyrns….

  • Gregnarok

    Wow sounds awesome. ME and my friends were thinking of making the same. any tips?

  • Lrtoland

    Very Impressive!!! I am also a huge fan of the series:) I look forward to your movie!