Dragon Age Legends: Get Medieval Update

Dragon Age Legends, the Facebook game, was patched last night with a slew of new features and balance tweaks. Notably, if you log in anytime from March 23 to March 29, you can claim a free item, the Medieval PlumbBob, in celebration of the release of The Sims: Medieval. Other changes include the addition of Crowns to a few quest rewards, the ability to respec your character (costs 1,000 gold), and ability tweaks.

Patch Notes (DA:L version 0.2.10234)

All players will be rewarded with a Medieval PlumbBob from 3/23/11 to 3/29/11. To get the Medieval PlumbBob click on the Sims Promo Box next to your castle or open up the Promo Pack Menu in the Options Menu and click Check to receive your Medieval PlumbBob.

General Improvements:

  • Players can now zoom in and out in the castle and region map using the +/- magnify glass
  • Added class icons to each player on the friend bar
  • Added "Respec Hero" option to the hero screen. Players can pay 1000 gold to respec all of their hero’s skills and attributes. Players will be set back to Level 1 and can then re-assign all skills and attributes back to their original level. WE HAVE CHANGED THE LEVELING CURVE. PLAYERS MIGHT END UP AT A HIGHER LEVEL.
  • Added red X to tool tips to allow players to manually close the message
  • Players will now see some of their friends characters and flags on the region map
  • All consumable icons now use new quantity icon
  • Equipment icons no longer show quantity. Equipment items have a max stack size of 1.
  • Added "Edit Hero" option to the hero screen. Players can now change their hero’s appearance after hero creation
  • Darkspawn now give a little bit more experience
  • Lowered the leveling curve for the late teens and early twenties
  • Quests will now sometimes give Energy Potions, Evra’s Horn, or Smelling Salts as rewards
  • A small number of story nodes and now reward crowns


  • Added filtering into the store. Players can filter by Type, Price, Level, and Name
  • Players can switch between pages by clicking on the dots at the bottom of the store


  • New tooltip art
  • New turn queue explanation


  • Added Time Bomb to the Alchemy Lab. Time Bomb does 2 hearts of damage after 4 turns.


  • Turn queue modified to provide a greater bonus to high agility characters and fewer strings of monsters greater than 3 at the beginning of waves

Skills Changes:

  • Added "Requires two-handed" tooltip to Desperate Swipe, Shattering Blow, and Destroyer
  • Overrun: Upgrade gives +10% Crit
  • Shield Wall/Tower: Does not end turn
  • Backstab: Upgrade gives +10% Crit
  • Deadly Shot: Upgrade gives +10% Attack
  • Rapid Shot: Upgrade gives +10% Crit
  • Massed Volley: Upgrade gives +10% Crit
  • Desperate Swipe: +150%, double miss probability, +10% attack on upgrade
  • Earthquake: reduced duration from 6 turns to 4 turns. After 4 turns enemies will move back to their original positions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Magic Shield should now always be selectable in the skill screen
  • During a column multi-kill, characters not in the top column will no longer start to walk away while they fade to death.