Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder

I recently started developing the Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder, which is the evolution of that interactive display we started with back in Danny's Warrior article. This web-based tool helps you formulate talent builds and provides the ability to generate URLs that make it easy to share/show other people your build ideas and/or bookmark to save for later.


Major features in the Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder

This web application is a work in progress. The goal is to have a full-featured talent builder ready for the release of Dragon Age 2 and update it to the release build's data as it becomes available.

Note that the builder does not deal with character levels. It is not necessary to anticipate exactly when you get ability points spend, however, it is useful to consider the order in which you pick up your abilities in your talent builds, and that is what this web app is for.

It has been tested successfully in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 (latest build), Google Chrome (latest build), and Safari, and because it's a web page, it is operating system independent. You must have Javascript (not Java) enabled in your browser for this website for it to work, which most browsers do by default.

Talent Builder Version History

Version alpha 7 (March 17, 2011)

  • Fix: Internet Explorer wasn't rendering the VML selection borders
  • Performance: Minor tweaks

Version alpha 6 (March 14, 2011)

  • Updated rogue talent data to Dragon Age 2 retail v1.00
  • Added companion trees for Isabela, Sebastian, and Varric
  • Fix: Tremor upgrade selection (Aftershock/Quake had data dependency typos)

Version alpha 5 (March 13, 2011)

  • Updated mage talent data to Dragon Age 2 retail v1.00
  • Updated warrior talent data to Dragon Age 2 retail v1.00
  • Added companion trees for Anders, Aveline, Bethany, Carver, Fenris, and Merrill (you can now create/share companion builds)
  • Added code to handle the Friendship vs. Rivalry selection
  • Added a basic Cross-Class Combos display that lists all the selected abilities that inflict or specifically interact with Brittle, Disoriented, or Staggered enemy debuffs
  • Fix: build urls weren't loading properly in Firefox

Version alpha 4 (March 9, 2011)

  • Rogue talent trees implemented (data from TGS 2011 Demo)
  • Specialization trees implemented for all three classes (data from Naitaka's post)
  • Fix: saving a specialization as the first ability in your build list desyncs the display

Version alpha 3 (March 5, 2011)

  • Mage talent trees implemented (data from TGS 2011 Demo)
  • Added a dropdown menu for switching between classes.
  • Added the ability to load/switch classes on demand.
  • Performance: improved click event handling
  • Added more descriptive selection error messages

Version alpha 2 (March 1, 2011)

  • Fix: Adding ability dependencies to the wrong parent

Version alpha 1 (February 28, 2011)

  • Interface implemented
  • Warrior talent trees implemented (data from TGS 2011 Demo)
  • Selecting and deselecting abilities implemented
  • Selecting and deselecting specializations implemented (max 2 specializations)
  • Basic requirements checking (dependencies/children and points invested in the tree)
  • Drag and drop list sorting
  • Ability tooltips (currently only static data)
  • Saving and restoring builds (with location/url hashing)
  • Reset implemented

To Do

  • Implement dynamic data for tooltips (some abilities scale based on your character's stats/weapon)
  • Add a display for the number of points spent in each tree
  • Add requirements checking to the drag-and-drop list so that you can't generate invalid build urls (e.g. take an upgrade before you take the ability it is upgrading)
  • Add better visual cues for available abilities (e.g. highlighting of selectable ability choices while obscuring/darkening the ones that can't be selected yet)
  • Add a list display to filter abilities by level to assist in the selection process (separate app?)
  • Add an indicator to show whether or not the current state of the build is saved
  • Add attribute distribution choices
  • Cache JSON parses for performance
  • Refactor code
  • Add options to output build lists to text formats
  • Chris Thibert

    Excellent talent builder, BUT the primal tree is the same as the elemental. the rest looks good

    • Razorfish

      Thanks for the heads up, the primal tree should be fixed now. If the changes don't show up in your browser the next time you view the builder, just refresh the page a few times and it should show up. If all else fails, go to this URL and refresh it (the old version of this data page may be cached in your browser):


  • Razorfish

    I've updated the builder with a draft of the rogue talents, including the specializations with all their abilities. Since today is the release of the game, I expect to be updating ability values and having sharper specialization tree images to work with soon.

    • Chris Thibert

      Everything looks great thanks! i wonder if you need to activate blood magic in order to use it like in origins? hmm guess ill find out tonight =P

  • http://twitter.com/Cipher_8 @Cipher_8

    Thanks for making this, as someone who is waiting for his copy of DAII from gamefly in the mail this really helps with being able to see what route i want to go with my character(s).

  • Razorfish

    I've given permission to the Dragon Age Wiki to use the ability and specialization tree graphics I put together for the talent builder web app, in case you were wondering why they've started showing up there.

  • Razorfish

    Finally tracked down and fixed the problem causing Internet Explorer to not render the talent selection borders! Now I can move on to investigating ability damage scaling based on weapon damage and attributes :-p

  • Razorfish

    I snuck in a stealth update yesterday that partly deals with the visual todo: "Add better visual cues for available abilities (e.g. highlighting of selectable ability choices while obscuring/darkening the ones that can’t be selected yet)"

    I'm currently compiling data points for ability damage values (which scale linearly with weapon type and base damage – which changes based on attributes and equipped weapon damage – as listed in your character screen). Each ability has a different damage multiplier, and those are what I am compiling data points to determine.

    Tivadar has made some initial discoveries and done some calculations on the matter at the Dragon Age Wiki, but I've got to get data points for all the different attributes, abilities and weapon types…

  • Razorfish

    Status update: alpha 8 is coming along nicely. I've compiled pages of data points which I've been using to develop pretty accurate (linear regression) equations to scale the ability tooltip damage values on the fly (you will be able to change/specify the base damage value in the builder). I'll see if I can roll out another bugfix before posting the new version, since alpha 8 may take a few more days.

  • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

    A few talents/ability numbers have changed in patch 1.03. Updating the talent builder data to the latest patch is on my todo list! 

    Changing the comments system (the old one was interfering with the publishing of posts with videos) resulted in some lost comments, so I’m working out the kinks of that at the moment :-(