Bioware Forum Member Was Kind Of A Dick, Gets Locked From His Games (Updated)

Update: Rock Paper Shotgun is reporting that EA has rescinded v_ware's ban, attributing the lock-out of his games to a "glitch".

I'm hoping I won't have to use this new category too often. A bit of a brouhaha is brewing on the internet over an overreaching banhammer that EA has brought down upon a community member - not only banning him from the Dragon Age forums, but locking him out of games tied to his account.

Bioware user v_ware made a negative comment about Dragon Age 2's development in the forums (in his words, his comment was "Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?"). Receiving a 72-hour suspension for this comment, v_ware found that he could no longer use this account to activate his Special Edition Dragon Age 2.

What's more, his copies of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins were already tied to this account, locking him out entirely.

Stanley Woo clarifies that there are two levels of enforcement in the Bioware forums. While Bioware employees and moderators can suspend access to the forum, the "Report Post" feature phones EA, carrying the possibility of a system-wide banning.

As I mentioned in the SecuROM post, Dragon Age 2 has been getting some negative publicity in gaming commuinties. While reviews have mostly been glowing, PC users in particularly are still crying foul over perceived "console-ization" and other issues surrounding the game. EA's antics are certainly not helping.

I mean, come on, EA. Really?