Best Buy Combo

If you are still looking to preorder Crysis 2 AND pick up Dragon Age 2 while you are at it, Best Buy may have an interesting deal. TL;DR: Buy Crysis 2 + Dragon Age 2 online. Save $30 instantly. Receive $10-20 in credit.

The longer version:

  1. Preorder Crysis 2: Limited Edition (any version) for full price ($60) through the advertised combo deal online.
  2. Add Dragon Age 2 (XBox or PC3 version only) to your shopping cart, which is currently on sale for $10 off the retail price ($50), and you will instantly receive $20 off.
  3. You'll receive a $10 gift card for the combo purchase.
  4. If you're a Reward Zone member, you'll receive $10 worth of Reward Zone credit for preordering Crysis 2: Limited Edition.

Since this is all revolves around the preorder, and the game is going to be released on March 22nd, the deal is good until the 21st (tomorrow).

Also if that sounds like too many hoops to jump through for a Dragon Age 2 discount, has the PC Digital Download version on sale for $41 (32% off).