Play Mass Effect 2 In Your Browser

There's a new way to enjoy your favorite space opera in the works. A service called Gaikai will let you play Mass Effect 2 in your browser, and all you need is Flash and Java.

Gaikai seems to be aiming towards the "demo" crowd, and the majority of its webspace is aimed at the developer/publisher side of the spectrum (it's big pitch is being the "next step in game advertising"). That said, the service also aims to bring demos and full games to players in a cloud service that simply requires a browser with Flash and Java, as well as a 10 MB/sec connection. This will allow users of any platform to get theirs hands on available games, including Bioware's Mass Effect 2.

The service is currently in a closed invite-only beta, which you can sign up for here. I'm having some issues getting into the beta. Apparently the response time on my network isn't good enough - which is unfortunate because I'd love to see if my dinky MacBook could actually handle these 3D games. But, I'll keep trying and I'll let you know how things work out.

Source: PCGamer: Play Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2 in your browser right now, no special plugin needed

  • Razorfish

    Did you try the Spore link in the PC Gamer article? I didn't get any "popup" link for Mass Effect 2 when I visited the site, but visiting the recommended Spore link indicated that my connection meets their requirements to sign up for the beta program, hmm…