One Million Strong For More Loots

Bioware has issued a call to arms for its fans to take part in the demo, and by the Maker, we will answer. Details on this new promotion after the break. For the loot!!

The new section of the demo page reads:

February 22, 2011 marks the launch of the Dragon Age II Demo and a Call to Arms for all BioWare fans. We are actively recruiting an army of Champions, and if we get over 1 million demo downloads and logins on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 combined before March 1st, we will unlock two in-game items for the entire community to use in Dragon Age II. Demo download progress will be tracked on this page, so check back often!

To get your download counted, you will need to log into your EA account while playing the demo.

The items in questions are two books - Lothering's Lament and The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall. Upon use they give XP and money, respectively. They would most likely be consumed on use, like the purchasable tomes in Origins, giving your Hawke a bit of a boost in the early game.

The demo will be available on February 22nd.

  • Clemente

    I literally knew about virtually all of this, but however, I still believed it turned out practical. Great work!

  • Jackie

    You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.