More Dragon Age 2 Videos

The media wave of previews for Dragon Age 2 continues as we're now a month away from the game's release. Follow us after the break for video previews from Giant Bomb and GameTrailers that give you an in-depth look at gameplay, as well as a new trailer from Bioware.

First up is a very nice playthrough from the guys at Giant Bomb. Vinny goes over the changes to the game as Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw plays through a particularly foreboding section of the Deep Roads on the XBox 360 version. Here, you will see changes made to the radial menu, a more in-depth look at the inventory system and skill trees for the warrior, and the combat and dialogue systems.

Next up is a preview from the folks at GameTrailers. Much shorter than Giant Bomb's playthrough, the folks at GT give a nice and concise run-down of some the additions and changes made to the game, including a comparison with DA:O to show just how much more fluidly the sequel will play.

And finally comes a new trailer straight from the team at Bioware. This trailer showcases some of the differences between the three archetypal classes, and shows a bit of how the gameplay will change - from the arcane power of the mage to the sneaky sneaky of the rogue.