Legends Data Wipe on February 6th

An announcement from Ryanth at Bioware: "We will be performing a data wipe on all current Dragon Age [Legends] Beta players on Sunday, [February] 6th, 2011. We have been hard at work adding new content to the early stages of the game that we want players to start testing." I hope you weren't getting too attached to your character... More info about how this affects your Crowns (paid currency) after the break.

While we are in Closed Beta, we will need to reset player data from time to time.
When we reset player data, any Crowns you purchased will be added back to your account.
This includes the final reset before open beta.

However, please note that if you click the “Start Over” button, then the Crowns you spent will NOT be added back to your account.

The purchase of Crowns is non-refundable.

EA2D Player Wipe
Player has purchased a sword for 160 Crowns and has a remaining balance of 10 Crowns.
EA2D performs a player data wipe and reset.
After reset, the player will have 160 Crowns in their account balance.

Start Over Button
Player has purchased a sword for 160 Crowns and has a remaining balance of 10 Crowns.
Player uses the “Start Over” button on the castle sreen.
After starting over, the player will have 10 Crowns in their account.
Note: The player will have their full Crown balance restored during the next EA2D Player Wipe (see above).

  • Razorfish

    The wipe doesn't seem to have wiped characters per se, but it did reset all your party members' health to 3 hearts. Having chosen to "Start Over", I noticed that the early encounters seem to have ramped up in difficulty, possibly because of the 3 hearts, leading to quicker party member fatalities unless you're a little more liberal with consumables than before.

  • Razorfish

    Spoke too soon, DA:L got wiped last night, the day after the scheduled wipe :-p