IGN Preview of Dragon Age 2

IGN's Charles Onyett posted a rather positive preview for Dragon Age 2 today, including a few screenshots and a gameplay video. More after the break.

Onyett doesn't divulge too much in the way of new information, but overall expresses optimism in the changes and upgrades to the graphics and gameplay system. The art in particular looks very nice, with an image of a Harvester that Hawke must face in the game.


The preview goes into further detail about the menu system (particularly the skill trees) and combat flow, noting how you can invest points into an already learned ability to upgrade it. The combat has also been overhauled to make abilities seem more engrossing, and Hawke will still converse with blood spattered all over his face. You can go into further detail with the video preview, below.

You can find the preview in full here.