Hawke’s Last Companion Revealed

GameInformer has just posted a blurb of information for Dragon Age 2 on it website, including the identity of Hawke's final companion. Spoilers follow the break.

Anders, the mage with a quick tongue and a kitty companion from Awakening, will be met by Hawke in the slums of Kirktown, using his magical gifts to heal victims of the Blight. However, something appears to be amiss with the plucky apostate.

Shepard! We need that IF- oh wait...

The article also features a really sweet-looking gameplay video and teases an upcoming featurette in its March issue. You can read more here.

What are your thoughts on Anders' inclusion in Dragon Age 2? Any hope for the inclusion of Ser Pounce-a-lot?

UPDATE: Looks like David Gaider, lead writer for the series, has more-or-less confirmed Anders' inclusion in the game, though with the caveat that he's seen some things...