Dr Pepper DLC Is Back

Missed your chance to get an Umbra Visor, Recon Hood, and/or Sentry Interface for your Commander Shepard last year? Well, the Dr Pepper promotional DLC for Mass Effect 2 is back in a different way! (Thanks to EA/Dead Space 2...) Details on how to get all three items for free after the break.

Navigating to this specific IGN page (about Dead Space 2), you should see a Dr Pepper DLC advertisment on the top right side of the page, as shown below:

Putting your mouse cursor activates the Dr Pepper ad, which offers you a promotional code for the DLC of your choice for a long list of EA games, including Mass Effect 2 (which is on the third menu page of the prize list).

Follow the onscreen instructions for creating a Dr Pepper account, select your DLC, and enter in your EA account information when prompted. Your DLC will automatically be registered to your EA account, and you'll find the DLC listed on your Bioware entitlements page.

A quote from the original deal alert:

*Note* To generate a new code simply refresh the page.

You can only use only 1 code per dr.pepper account, but you can create as many accounts (using other emails and random zip-codes) as you want provided they all share the same EA login info.

I have had a little trouble getting Firefox to work in the redeeming process(errors), but Internet explorer worked much better.

Enjoy :)

Thanks to Shmup and Sylenall for posting about this deal in the Steam forums!