A Closer Look at the Dragon Age 2 Interface (Updated)

When we talk about the user interface, we want to see pictures of course, so I'm going to let the pictures tell the story here. I've ordered 37 pictures into a series of image galleries that highlight many of the interface features you'll find in Dragon Age 2.

Character Creation


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You select your Hawke's class and gender from an animated avatar line up, action-rpg style.


Store front

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The store interface.

Conversation Wheel

The PC version (not pictured) will include number hotkeys for quick selection. (Mike Laidlaw)


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To speed up conversations, you no longer read through and select from lengthy lists of dialogue. Instead you flip around between responses on a Mass Effect-like circular hub. The tone of your response is displayed with an image in the middle of the hub, so you'll know at a glance whether you're being a jerk or earnestly trying to do as much good as possible. (IGN)

This fist wheel icon represents a contentious tone.

Friendship vs. Rivalry


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Dragon Age 2 will encourage you to either be your follower's (companion's) friend or rival, staying in this middle ground will not net you any bonuses. Being a strong friend or a strong rival will confer different passive combat bonuses to your follower.

Action Bar (PC) vs. Radial Wheel (Consoles)


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Unlike the console version, the pc version sports a quickbar along the bottom of the screen. A quick access menu is also located vertically along the bottom right side of the screen, and potion HUD appears right below that.

Abilities and Specializations


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When you level up, you get ability points with which you can invest in various ability webs available to your class.



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The tactics screen should be familiar for anyone who has played Dragon Age: Origins. Tactics setup follows the same formula of prioritized conditional and action pairs.

Map Travel


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Some quests/encounters must specifically be completed during the day or at night. The world map supports switching to day or night when traveling to certain areas.

To be clear, the only day night "toggle" is on the world map, where you choose which version of the zone you wish to travel to. You're not standing around in the middle of a zone, hitting a button and *bam* now it's night.

Day and night versions of each area are completely separate. The static level art is obviously pretty similar with mostly just a lighting change, but everything interactive within those areas is different unless we chose to duplicate it. Generally speaking all merchants, NPCs and quests are only in one version or the other. Not all areas have day/night versions: it's mostly major areas within Kirkwall. (David Sims)

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    Added Friend / Rival section (+2 pics), and 5 more pics to the Abilities section, which show the Templar specialization, and some Rogue-specific ability webs (trees).

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    How about the "store"?

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    in the pc version what is the icons containing – and = for? never did find out.