Dragon Age 2 DRM Revision

Once in a blue moon, fan wishes actually prompt results. It looks like Bioware and EA finally hammered out a DRM compromise that will favor the players. Chris Priestly posted up a new notice about the DRM that will be included with Dragon Age 2. Noticeably, the periodic login requirement is absent. Instead, you will only have to log into your Bioware account once per installation to activate the game, but if you choose to log into your Bioware account in-game (e.g. to upload achievements to your profile and such), only up to 5 installations can do so in a 24-hr window. Read More

Bioware Store Sale…and that Hoodie

A quick visit to the online Bioware Store revealed that there is an ongoing sale on select apparel in both their Mass Effect and Dragon Age sections (including $20 off of every Dragon Age 2 hoodie) and Mass Effect posters, no coupon code required. Also, word on Facebook is that they're premiering a limited edition Commander Shepard hoodie later today.

Yet Another Task for Unlockables…

Now that the 1,000,000 demo logins goal has been reached, Bioware/EA is setting up another marketing task for you: Share their Dragon Age Facebook posts from now until March 4th. If they get 1,000,000 page views (impressions) or 50,000 shares on the day each post is made, they will unlock another tome for players to use when Dragon Age 2 comes out. This means that even just viewing the post will help towards that goal.

Dragon Age 2 Demo Mirrors

As expected, the massive crush of Dragon Age 2 demo downloads have slowed the official server(s) to a crawl and caused the not so occasional premature file download interruption. If you are having a tough time getting the PC demo, a number of mirrors are now available, list after the break. Read More

Mage Week?

I see that the official site has a new section featuring the Mage class with screenshots of all of the talent trees and blurbs about the specializations. Excellent, I'll try have an interactive display (with ability tooltips provided by Naitaka's TGS post) of that up later today...

So, I played the shit out of the demo…

At first, Danny and I just set out to write a quick demo first impressions collaborative article, but we realized pretty quickly how lame it is to read sugar-coated generalities. So, we ended up packing this thing full of details, screenshots, information, tips and impressions garnered from actually playing through the demo more than dozen times...until the caffeine drip ran dry. Read More

Gamespot Dragon Age 2 Showcase

When the demo was released, GameSpot posted up a ~30 minute video interviewing Bioware developer Mike Laidlaw about Dragon Age 2. There's an extensive amount of video footage showing your companion Fenris (who is not in the demo). Video, and screencaps of the revealed specialization abilities after the break. Read More

Mass Effect Flash Party!… I Mean Sale. Flash Sale.

EA Flash Deals is gathering Likes to unlock 50% coupon codes for both Mass Effect 1 & 2 on any platform, along with free shipping in the US. You can go here and click the "Like" option under the post, and the deal will unlock after 1,500 likes. They're getting close, though, so make sure to keep up to speed on when the deal's unlocked. These deals are limited supply and tend to go faster than overpriced designer baby clothes.