The Golden Ticket: Legends Beta

Lo and behold, Dan received an invite to the closed beta of Dragon Age: Legends yesterday! Of course, I blackmailed him into giving me one of his five friend keys. So, we've been busy putting this Facebook game tie-in through its paces. Although we're not supposed to go into detail yet, I'll quickly mention a couple of things - Premium Content and Unlockables.

Goozernation recently posted a hands-on review of their Dragon Age: Legends closed beta experience, which covers a lot of the basics. I'll gloss over most of that for now, since he covered it already, and come back to this later.

No interface tutorial for this yet in-game.

Premium Content

Castle upgrades also have separate gold and crown upgrade options.

There are two types of currency in the game, gold coins, and Crowns. Gold coins seemed to be used mainly for purchasing castle upgrades.  When I checked the in-game store, almost everything in the store menu - equipment, perks (not yet implemented), consumables - required Crowns to purchase. There is not a lot of content in the store at this stage in the beta, so it's hard to say what kind of balance will ultimately be struck between free content and premium content.

My character started out with a modest allotment of Crowns, but this may only be a testing feature in the beta. Goozernation reports that Crowns will only be obtainable through microtransactions, with prices ranging from $4 to $20, meaning that Legends will lean more towards "freemium" than "freebie."


It is unknown whether or not Crowns will involved in unlocking any of these items directly or indirectly.

There are five unlockable items for Dragon Age 2 listed in the game interface. It's in a very incomplete state of implementation, with even a mismatched tooltip, but the items listed were:

  • Evra's Might (ring, melee oriented probably)
  • Evra's Trophy Belt (Belt)
  • Air of Confidence (ring, caster oriented probably)
  • Ivo Family Crest (amulet graphic, but sounds like a shield, incorrect tooltip)
  • Dura's Blue Flame (amulet)