The Bioware Big Bang

Love Bioware universe stories? Want to flex your writing or illustration muscles? Well, the Bioware Big Bang Challenge is for you.Here's the word from the Bioware Fan Club at Deviantart:

What is a Big Bang?
For those unfamiliar, a big bang challenge is when authors and artists come together to collaborate on a complete 20,000+ word fic. But this first challenge will only require 10,000+ words. The authors write their fic over a 3 month period. Artists can then claim a fic and do a minimum of one piece of custom art for it (traditional art, digital art, posters, banners, fanmixes, fan videos, etc). The fics and art are then posted to the community for everyone to enjoy.

All pairings and all stories revolving around any Bioware games are welcome.


  • Minimum word count for fics is 10,000 words.
  • Feel free to sign up as artist and author
  • Warnings must be included in your fic
  • No underage pairings
  • No posting of either art or fic anywherebefore your assigned date
  • Artist must submit one art piece minimum for the fic they claim.
  • No bashing of other peoples pairings/likes - let's keep this a wank-free zone

January 15th: Artist/Writer/Beta Signups Begin
February 15th: Writer Signups Closed
March 1st: Artist and Beta Signups Closed
March 15th: Writer Check-In #1 (Optional)
April 15th: Writer Check-in #2 (Optional)
May 15th: Writer Check-in #3 (Mandatory)
June 1st: Rough Drafts and Summaries Due
June 2nd: Artist Claims, Round 1
June 5th: Artist Claims, Round 2
June 7th: Claims Masterpost,
June 15th: Posting Schedule Masterpost
June 16th: Pinch Hit Artist Signups Open
July 1st: Artist Check-in (Mandatory), Pinch Hit Artist Signups Closed
July 2nd: Pinch Hit Art Assignments Distributed
July 15th: Art and Betaed Fics Due
July 20th: Posting Begins

See the challenge page for more information.

p.s. This sexy campaigning asari is by VectorCookie.