PC Gamer’s latest Dragon Age 2 Preview

PC Gamer's Rich McCormick has posted a complimentary preview of Dragon Age 2 on Saturday. While not divulging anything particularly new, McCormick recounts his experience playing as a rogue and notes the satisfying changes from DA:Origins that seemed to be made in combat.

The Rogue Workout DVD: 2011 Edition

McCormick notes that characters move more quickly and combat is more fluid throughout the game. Touching on the conversation aspect of the game, he described what appears to be an "interrupt" system, in further gleaming for the Mass Effect world. He writes:

Bethany, Hawke’s sister, has access to a fireball. Against a stream of Darkspawn, she and Hawke could stand and discuss the ways they were about to be eaten, or – with a conversation option – she could launch a pre-emptive conflagration and crisp half the incoming force.